Presence of the Swastika

There are significant gaps in the migration of the swastika symbol after the origin of the symbol in the Indus Valley region. The symbol has appeared in many different places simultaneously, however, it is evident from archeological discoveries that the swastika originated in the Indus River region and migrated via the Silk Road, westward, until it reaches Europe. In general, the symbol of the swastika has been found on pottery and fabrics in India, Persia, China, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. England, France and Etruria had the decorative swastika on bronze ornaments that proclaimed wealth and value. The swastika will become present in Germany and Scandinavia on weaponry and in Ireland and Scotland in the form of celtic crosses. Later in time, the swastika will also become present on burial grounds in Mexico, Peru, Yucatan, Paraguay and America(14).

The following link is a website that lays out the archeological evidence of the presence of the swastika, from pre-history, proto-history, Greece, China, Roma, through the Middle Ages to current depictions;

(14)Goldsmith, pg. 95

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